Saturday Round Up

There isn’t much news going on since the arrival of Chamakh. No new (fake) Cesc stories going to Barca. I am sorta fed up with all of this Fabregas stuff because most people are just making it up whenever anybody says something. Fabregas has stated many times throughout the year that he was an Arsenal player and he is going to admire his contract, so was he lying there or are Spanish newspapers just making up things. I am one who is going to say that Cesc is going to stay for atleast another season. It is important to have him and I think he is going to be on fire next season. He added finishing to his game this season which is something that he didn’t do last season, but he was pretty good the season before that. On Chamakh, I think he is good in the air and will always fight for the ball, which is something we need. I think Arsene needs to buy Joe Hart or Hugo Lloris soon before the world cup. I am thinking we are probably going to promote Sczezsny to our number 2 next season and buy a goalkeeper and defender. That is pretty much it for today, Blackpool beat Cardiff 3-2 and the Champions League Final is getting under way. So, thanks for reading and bye.


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