Sunday Round Up

Well, there is not a lot going on in the news but their is still one or two talking points. First, Newcastle boss Chris Houghton is eying to get Jack Wilshere on loan. I think anorther loan will be good for young Jack.

Apparently, Atletico Madrid are poised to sign Fran Merida. Say goodbye to your career Fran, because most players leave Arsenal and join a team and wish they never left. Also, Spain is a career destroyer. I liked Fran Merida, but I’d rather him be getting games in some championship team then sitting on the bench at Atletico. Wenger has also stated that he wants one or two more signings this summer.

Personally, I want a goalkeeper,Left back(if Clichy leaves),and center back. Wenger has also been talking about Chamakh. Wenger didn’t look to happy in the photo shooting so :(). Monday is an international friendly between Mexico and England. Theo is probably going to start while it would be good for old Carlos vela to play. Well, Champins League ended in a 2-0 win for Inter, but I was hoping for Mourinho to be sad in the end. I hate Mourinho and every other Chelsea related person. That’s all for today. Bye


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