Monday Round Up

Well it’s just another Monday, more Cesc stories saying Barca has made an official bid for Fabregas. I for one would like to see Cesc stay for another few years, but if he is going to leave, Wenger should splash the cash on Gourcuff or some other top midfielder. Wenger would have quite a lot of money to spend so he should buy at least 3 new players. In other news, a Nigerian billionaire could buy 16% stake at Arsenal. I have no clue whatsoever about who is going to end being Arsenals owner. I think it will be Kroenke, but he is very mysterious and nobody knows about him. I don’t trust a Russian billionaire who has been to jail before. He always tries to cover up his personal life and stuff like that, so I think it will be Kroenke. Sol has stated that Wenger needs to buy some experienced players this summer. Really Sol, nobody would have thought that we would need to buy experience to our squad where we will be eligible to play in a u-12 tournament. Nice work stating the obvious Sol. We are apparently linked with Newcastle’s Steven Taylor and Sakho (uhhah). Everybody needs to say should of stayed at Arsenal Fran, when you see him picking up trash on the side walk. Well, thats all for today. Cheers


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