Tuesday News

Well, apparently Cesc Fabregas’ dad has told Arsenal to respect Fabregas’ wishes of joining Barca. His dad stated that Fabregas wants to join Barca as quickly as possible, so he can focus on his world cup for Spain. If Cesc does leave Arsenal, Wenger would probably say,” Oh we have Rosicky,Denilson,Diaby,Walcott,Nasri;etc.” None of those players would start on a regular bases if Fabregas stayed for Arsenal. I believe if Fabregas leaves, Arsene has to buy 4 new players this summer in the transfer window. I don not believe we will win the Premiership if Wenger doesn’t sign a replacement soon for Fabregas. Fabregas proved top be such an  important player last season and I don’t think Nasri is good enough. With the money from Fabregas, it will be hard to find someone too expensive as a replacement for Fabregas. Cesc would be remembered as a hypocrite if he joins Barca. we would be hearing chants like this,” Cesc Fabregas,Cesc Fabregas, he kisses the badge on his chest, then puts in a transfer request, Cesc Fabregas.” Alex Hleb has told Cesc to stay at Arsenal and win the Premiership instead of going to Spain. Ask any former Arsenal player if they wish they hadn’t joined a new team, they would have said they made a mistake leaving Arsenal. I am convinced that Cesc will feel the same way along with Fran Merida. If Fabregas wants to leave Arsenal so badly, why did he state so many times throughout his career that he wants to stay with Arsenal for such a long time, and this season say that he wants to respect his contract. Well, apparently he was lying there so why can’t he be lying here? In other news, that Nigerian billionaire is not interested in buying stakes from Arsenal so I guess that that makes it a bit more of a 2 man race between Usmanov and Kroenke. Mark Schwarzer is linked with a move to us. Can’t say I would sign him, even after his great seasons with Fulham. Clichy,Sagna,Diaby,and Gallas made the cut for the France squad so congrats to them. That’s sorta it for today. Bye.


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