This News is dragging me to pieces!

I really wish that the Fabregas trnasfer saga would just end. Today, Fabregas is talking about how he has had a meeting with Arsene Wenger and he feels more loved at Arsenal then in his own house. He also stated that Wenger told him to focus on the World Cup and he will deal with it. Is Arsene going to let Fabregas go because Fabregas MIGHT want to leave. When did Arsenal turn into a selling club. It seems to me that Arsenal has a bunch of hypocrites. Sol said that he pledged the end of his career to Arsenal and today I am reading that he is considering a move to Celtic :(). I am not going to believe a single thing until it comes true. I don’t want to say anything is definite until says it, but they haven’t confirmed Merida going to Atletico? How do we know if that is true or not? I want Fabregas and Sol to stay for another season or so. Fabregas wouldn’t get a possible 38 games like he does with Arsenal (not including injures). Sol wouldn’t get as many games with Celtic because all of the defenders on Celtic can stay fit.

I want to know why Wenger keeps on selling are top guys, instead of selling rubbish players like Denilson, Fabianski, and Almunia. Wenger must be taught a lesson if he keeps on selling all of are top players. I am starting to wonder if the problem why we haven’t been winning trophies is Peter Hill-Wood. The man (when being asked in an interview) said that Wenger is the best manager in the world and what he is doing on his project is remarkable. Yeah, the best manager in the world has sold everyone of his top players from an invincible season in replace to start out with a completely new squad of 15 year olds. We are currently being linked with a 15 year old future international. We’ll sign them when they are 16 and no one has ever heard of them, then sell them to Barca for 30 million +£. That is all for today. Bye.


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