Barcelona: Fact or Fiction

Yeah, Arsenal have apparently told Barcelona that Fabregas is their player and they don’t want any contact. Do I believe that, no. All I know is Wenger had a long conversation with Fabregas and Cesc thinks it was quite possibly the greatest conversation he had in his life. I don’t know what that conversation was about, but I can tell you one thing, it wasn’t about Jens Lehmann. If Cesc does leave in the end, I don’t think Wenger should go off and promote Nasri to the postion like he promoted Bendtner when Van Persie was injured. I know that most players would say that they want to play where their heart is, but don’t you think if their heart wasn’t at Arsenal, they wouldn’t sign such a long contract. In 2006, Cesc signed a contract for 8 years. It’s been almost half of that time and now he says he wants to go to Barcelona?!?! If he wanted to go to Barca, don’t you think he would have signed like a 4 year contract to develop at Arsenal, and then sign with Barca once he was fully developed and ready to start every match. Cesc, if he were to leave, should cost 80 million£. I think he is going to be as good Xavi and Iniesta when he gets older, or he had an early peak and isn’t going to be that good later in his life.

In other news, I am really happy to see Van Persie scoring in a game for the Netherlands and not get injured. I would have never thought that he could do that in a match before, so I am really excited for next season. Martin Keowne has stated that Vermaelen has been excellent this season but the defence has been shaky. That is how it is every season though, so not much going on their. Bendtner said that he wants to follow Fabregas to Spain and be a reject. Even though I think every one at Arsenal wants to play in Spain, I would let him go before every one else. Yeah, he might have scored a few last minute goals to win us 3 points this season, but that was because he had 79 shots from 2 yards that went into row Z. I would happily escort him to the door anytime Nick. You name it, I’ll personally drive you their ;). Carlos Vela either wants to play next season or go out on loan, I really think he can go out on loan to a team like Newcastle and be a star, Oh wait I got a horrible picture in my head of Vela in a Newcastle Jersey. Yeah, maybe he would be good in a bit better of a team life Aston Villa. I don’t know why we are linked with so many English palyers! I hate it. Gary Cahill, he is so good, he can lead Bolton to a 16th place finish and let up quite a few goals. I don’t want to sign any current Premier League players this summer, unless of a top guy like Torres. That is pretty much all the news. Bye.


One thought on “Barcelona: Fact or Fiction

  1. I’ll have to learn more about this to give a more informed comment but just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your thoughts and to keep up the good writing!

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