Cesc,Merson,Schwarzer, and Barcelona

Okay, it is Saturday and their isn’t much news. Let’s start out with the Fabregas transfer saga. Barcelona have stated that they are not going to break the bank to sign Cesc Fabregas. I don’t know how much money they are willing to pay for him or how much money Arsenal want from him, but if Barca don’t want to pay a high price, I’m sure Arsenal will stop the transfer.  Paul Merson has said that Theo hasn’t improved at all since he joined Arsenal. I can say that he has improved a little bit on finishing but not on passing, crossing, heading;etc. Theo needs to work on his injuries and just about everything besides speed.

Mark Schwarzer has stated that he sees his Future at Fulham and not Arsenal. I don’t think  I really wanted Schwarzer to come to Arsenal, but I still believe 100% that we need to sign a new goalkeeper. I would preferably sign Hugo Lloris or Joe Hart or some keeper that knows how to claim a ball in the air. Fabianski and Almunia aren’t the greatest at catching of other goalkeeper stuff so I would boot them out the door and promote Sczezeny as our number 2. I don’t think that Wenger is going to sign a goalkeeper this summer but we’ll just have to wait and see. Fran Merida has officially signed with Atletico and said thanks to Arsene. I believe Fran has a good future ahead of him, as long as he doesn’t stay with Atletico for the rest of his career. Well, that is pretty much all the news. Bye.


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