Cesc for Gourcuff?

I can’t say I wouldn’t want Gourcuff to come to Arsenal if Cesc leaves. If somebody came up to me and asked me if I would rather Cesc or Yoann, I would say Cesc of course. All that I am saying is Gourcuff has loads of talent, has his whole career ahead of him, and can do just about anything Cesc can do. Yoann is French of course, so no wonder why Arsene wouldn’t want him to come to Arsenal. I don’t understand what is up with Wenger and France. Wenger likes to buy French players, but French players are crap. It was okay to buy them when France was playing good in World Cups and Euros, but now, France can’t even beat Tunisia! Why on Earth would Wenger rather buy French players than Spanish and Germans? Don’t ask me, ask Arsene.

In International news, Theo played 45 minutes for England yesterday and didn’t do well. I believe that Theo will make the 23 man squad 100%. I believe Capello likes him and they are a big happy family. RVP is back from his knock already. Didn’t take along time to shake that one off. Carlos Vela made the Mexican squad, but Spurs Scum Giovanni Dos Santos didn’t :). William Gallas scored for France yesterday to tie them with Tunisia. I believe Gallas will leave and stuff so no point about talking about him. We are linked with Joe Cole. I would hate it if he came to the Arsenal. Joe Cole is a Chelsea Scum. Nobody likes you Joe. That pretty much wraps up today. Bye.


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