Walcott Left Out of England side

Theo Walcott has been axed from the England squad following Capello’s  23 man squad. I think Capello is making a mistake in keeping Walcott home. For example, lets say it’s the 70th minute of a match were England are tied at 1-1. Who would you rather be warming up , Walcott, one of the fastest players in the world, or Emile Heskey? I would choose Walcott of course. It wouldn’t surprise me if England lack a lot of pace in their matches, but we just have to wait and see how it goes.

Xavi has stated that Cesc will come to Barcelona. If you told me that yesterday, I would have said we needed to sign Gourcuff, but not today! We got Aaron Ramsey a new long term contract following the long term contract he signed last year following the long term contract when he signed for Arsenal. I believe that Aaron Ramsey will be as good as Cesc once he is fully fit and recovered. Aaron Ramsey has lots of talent and I can’t wait to see how much money Barca are going to pay to buy him. I would give Aaron a fair chance next season only because I believe he is world class. Gallas is set to leave the Gunners for the Romans. I say bye to Gallas and say hello to a new Midfielder that is a piece of crap. Wenger is not going to sign a new defender and i’m 67% sure of it. He sometimes has hard time figuring  out that Gallas was important and we need to sign a new defender.



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