Do NOT believe anymore Cesc rumours!

Following yesterday’s reject of Barcelona’s bid to sign Cesc Fabregas, people are saying that Cesc is going to force the transfer out himself. This is a load of bulls****. Fabregas has stated in a live interview that he is leaving up his future to Arsene Wenger. Arsene Wenger has stated that Cesc is not for sale at any price and Arsenal will not sit down with Barcelona and discuss a future transfer. Barcelona have been told to respect Arsenal’s wishes and all of that stuff. Well, can EXCLUSIVELY reveal some more made up crap that Fabregas is going to buy out the rest of his contract. Yeah, Fabregas Stated in a live interview that he is leaving his future up to Arsene Wenger, is actually lying and trying to mastermind the whole transfer deal himself. So, back to the main point, Arsenal have stated they are not going to sell Fabregas, Fabregas is leaving his future in Arsene’s hands (who has no intention of letting him leave), and Barca have been told that they have 60 seconds to stay away from Fabregas or Arsenal are going to blow up everything that has to do with Barca. Don’t believe any rumors unless they are good.


One thought on “Do NOT believe anymore Cesc rumours!

  1. Didn’t cesc sign an extention on his contract last season? Well that’s what I heard…. Which would mean that he can’t buy out his contract anyway?

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