Not alot of news

Ever since the Fabregas saga yesterday, their hasn’t been to much news. Just some speculation about Joe Cole and Mark Schwarzer but that’s just about it. The Mail says that Joe Cole has agreed a 3 year contract with us. I’m not to sure about a former Chel$ki player, but he isn’t horrible and might make a good edition to our squad.

We are also linked with Mark Schwarzer, another player who is good but I’m not sure about playing in a top flight team. I’ll just say that Schwarzer is good but not great. All of our goalkeepers except for Sczcezney and Mannone are horrible. Sczcezney looks really good and Mannone is pretty good also.

And finally the Fabregas transfer saga. I am convinced that Arsenal really don’t have any intention of letting Cesc leave. People think Arsenal just want more money for him, but Arsenal said that he was part of their future plans and stuff like that. Also, why would Arsenal reject the bid so quickly after Barca made the original offer? I really think that Fabregas will stay. People are saying that he told Wenger he wanted to leave but I need video evidence to believe it. I know that Wenger and Fabregas had a talk and if Fabregas said it was one of the best conversations in his life, do you think t would be about Wenger telling him he gets to leave Arsenal? I doubt it.

That’s all for today, bye.


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