Smart move Arsenal

Arsenal have turned down a bid for Mexican Carlos Vela. I am really glad that Arsenal want to keep him. He has looked really good in the last few pre-world cup games with Mexico. I believe that Carlos will really shine next season, but only if he gets games. He just has too little experience but great potential.

RVP has said that he wants to score 30 goals next season and have 20 assists. I believe a fit RVP is more than capable of doing that, the only problem is he usually gets injured for weeks every season. We just need to find a way for him to stay fit the whole season.

Chelsea are looking at keeping Joe Cole. I really don’t see him staying with Chelsea next season as they are disagreeing a new contract. It looks as if Joe Cole will be an Arsenal player next season if not this month.

Arsenal are after Mark Schwarzer. I am not interested in signing Schwarzer but I still think we need a new goalkeeper without doubt. I can see Wenger signing somebody completely unknown and turns out to be great, or not so great.

We are linked with another player, this time Milos Krasic. He is 25 years old,attacking midfielder, and has loads of talent. I’m not sure how accurate this rumor is because if Joe Cole really is coming to Arsenal, I doubt Wenger would sign another midfielder.

Thanks for reading! Bye.


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