Barca just can’t get Cesc

I want to start the news off first with the departure of Big Phil. He is joining on a free transfer since his contract was up. I would have liked to see Senderos stay and try to win a place in the Arsenal first team, but Arsene decided it was best to let him go.

In other news, Barcelona director has stated that Arsenal have not told them to double their offer and have actually not heard anything from Arsenal.

He said: “They said they would not sell, it’s logical therefore that they have not set a price for him.

“We made a formal offer. The only official response we have from Arsenal is that they are not ready to sell the player, for which it would be difficult for them to be putting a price when they say they are not selling.

“On our part, after having made an offer we are ready to sign the deal this very morning.

“We still have time to do it, but it is a deal we cannot do just by ourselves.”

It looks to me that Arsenal are not going into discussions with Barca and they have no intention of selling him. News reporters think that that means that Arsenal want more money from Barcelona and will discuss a deal after the World Cup. I am going to say once again that I believe Cesc Fabregas will be an Arsenal player next season. He is really important to our squad with his assists and goals and I believe we always have something different when he is playing.

The new Arsenal away kit is yellow again, you can see a small portion of it here. The away kit from last season will be our third kit this season while we are going to get a new home kit. I like the yellow kits and hope that it would bring us good luck next season.

Thanks for reading, bye.


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