Arsene makes bid for expierenced goalkeeper

Good job Arsene! You are trying to sign a new goalkeeper and just for that, I give you two thumbs up. Arsenal can confirm that they have had a bid REJECTED, by Fulham for Mark Schwarzer.

Peter Hill Wood commented,

“We have made an enquiry for him and they are not prepared to sell him so we have gone away.

We can only hope they will change their minds, but at the moment it doesn’t look like it.”

Arsenal don’t look like they are giving up just yet, sort of how Barca aren’t giving up on Fabregas. If Schwarzer signs, I would be pleased we signed a new goalkeeper, but if he doesn’t, I am backing Wenger to give Sczcezney a chance. The kid is amazing, simply amazing. You can watch a great video of him here. Lets not think that Schwarzer isn’t joining or isn’t joining so lets just see how it ends up being.

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One thought on “Arsene makes bid for expierenced goalkeeper

  1. Its Great to see we will be buying a new GK this summer. I’m kind of glad Fulham said no to the Schwarzer offer. I’m hoping the next offer is across town for Green.

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