Goodbye and Come on in

It seems like Arsenal are going through a letting players leave process now. With Senderos gone yesterday, it seems as if Gallas,Silvestre, and Sol will follow him on a free transfer. However, Gallas has rejected a bid from Panathinaikos waiting on a better offer to come in.I believe Gallas will be leaving the club this summer to join a team in Italy. Sol looks like he will be joining Celtic and Silvestre looks like being a free agent.

Joe Cole was released form Chelsea and it looks as if we’ve made a 115k a week offer for him to join us next season. The deal would make him the highest paid player on Arsenal ahead of Cesc Fabregas. Joe Cole will turn 29 this season and would be a winger. I’m not sure who we should drop if he comes in or if he just sits on the bench. He would still get lots of game because of our injuries, just look at Sol Campbell, nobody expected him to get games, but with our injuries, he started week in-week out.

Wenger has told Nasri and Walcott to bounce back from their shock axes from their World Cup squad. Everyone expected Walcott to make the squad of the World Cup, but you can see where he really hasn’t improved on his corssing and finishing. I think Theo’s injury had something to do with him not playing as good as he is expected to. Nasri’s axe was a complete shock. I thought Nasri would shine a tthe World Cup, but Raymond Domenech picks squads nobody can expect. Nasri is a huge miss from the World Cup and Raymond Domenech will regret it.

Thanks for reading, bye.


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