World Cup Preview

The World Cup is finally here and I have decided to do a World cup preview. We all know that the World Cup will bring ups and downs to people all over the world, some people would live the dream of watching their country hold up the World Cup trophy, and one country will watch as they could have been there if it wasn’t for a goalkeeping error.

This is certainly going to be a World Cup that would be remembered through history, as for it is the first World Cup in Africa. I really have a hard time deciding who would win so I have picked out my top 3 teams to win it.

1: The Netherlands- I have picked the Dutch because of their passing, world class team. They have two of the best play makers in the World, Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder, who pretty much got both of their teams to the Champions League Final. They have Robin Van Persie, who we all want to do well and not get injured, and they have a passing style that could trouble any team they face. The Netherlands will have a tough run in, but I believe that they will finish number 1.

2: Spain– Spain are a world class team that play similar to the style of The Netherlands, but I believe they are becoming to confident of themselves. They have Torres and Villa, two of the most deadly attackers in the world, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi, and Iniesta, quite possibly the three greatest midfielders, and a deadly defence that I really hope Arsene could pull out the money and make a bid for one of them. We all want Cesc to do well, and I believe he could be player of the tournament.

3: England or Brazil I have a tough time deciding which team will have a greater chance of winning the tournament. England have an easy group compared to Brazil, but after the group stages, no games are easy. England has Rooney, who carries the Manchester United team ( Have you ever seen United play without Rooney! ), Joe Cole and Aaron Lennon, two players who can be deadly on the wings, and a solid defence. I am surprised their isn’t any Arsenal players on the team, so Tottenham fans think they are the best because they have five that made the squad. Brazil can be the best team in the world some days, and a normal squad other days. Brazil have so many players with tricks and skills, so I’m sure many teams will have a hard time with Brazil. Fabiano is another deadly striker, Kaka might not have had the greatest of seasons with Real Madrid, but I still believe he can carry Brazil, possibly the best defence in the tournament, and some great goalkeepers. You have to keep an eye out for Brazil.

Golden Boot Winner– Robin Van Persie

Thanks for reading,bye!


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