Gooner Monkey Review of the Season (videos)

We had a strange season, scoring many goals, conceding many goals, goalkeeping errors, last minuted drama, and much more. Wenger has talked about our season of positives and negatives, saying that defence was sloppy and our offence was great. Here is my tops of the season.

Goal of the Season: We scored a lot of goals this season, from Fabregas’ run against Tottenham, to Arshavin’s goal against Liverpool, or to Vela’s chip against Fulham. We have scored so many great goals, but I am going to have to choose Samir Nasri‘s against Porto. It was a wonderful individual goal, going around four players, somehow finding space, and then finishing with aplomb. No team in the world could have stopped him, and that is why it’s my goal of the season.

Watch a top 10 goals here

Player of the Season: Their are only three players that can match up to this award, Cesc, Vermaelen, and Song. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defender come to Arsenal from a different league and be that terrific. He can shoot,defend,head, and tackle. Vermaelen would have been player of the year on any other team, but I am giving him runners up position. Alex Song could be the most improved player in all of the Premiership this season. He defended greatly, and really stopped every team we played against. This is another player that could have been player of the season at any other club, but I’m giving him third place. That leaves Cesc Fabregas to claim the award for winner. He has been amazing this season, from scoring to assists, this man will be hard to replace if he does leave to Barcelona. He really has been our main man this season, creating so many opportunities, carrying us in some games, and his leadership has definitely won a few games.

Watch video of Cesc here.

Flop of the Season: I am going to pick between two players, Silvestre and Fabianski. The other two contenders were Almunia and Denilson, but since they played well in a few games, I am giving them a break. Fabianski had one okay game that I can remember, home to Man City. Didn’t do to bad and made a few good saves, while Silvestre had a good game against Hull City at home. He played as left back which is a bit better for him since we don’t have to rely having him in the centre, and he had a good shot. While Silvestre had many flops throughout the season, I’m giving this award to Fabianski. Whenever he did play, he did horribly. His flops against Porto, his mess up against Wigan, or his game against Blackburn, Fabianski has been rubbish.

Game of the Season: This is a tough game because we did have some great games this season, but I’m going to choose home against Blackburn. We played really well as a team that game, passing perfectly, Fabregas playing world class, and almost everybody scored. The only fault was our defence, which was unfortunate by Blackburn’s two fluke goals, but overall I believe we played as a team 100% in that game.

Watch highlights here.

Most Improved Player: This last award goes to Alex Song. He has improved so greatly compared to last season. He is finally a player that starts every week, improving every week, and gives his all every week. I believe that he could be one of the greatest players in the world one day, if he isn’t one already.

Watch video of Song here.

You can watch this great video of our season here.

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One thought on “Gooner Monkey Review of the Season (videos)

  1. I was at the City home game and flappy didn’t have a save to make. Therefore he’s my flop. To be honest he’s the worst EVER Arsenal keeper!

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