The World Cup, that’s all

The World Cup has been taking up all the news and I’m not expecting much news for the next month from Arsenal. The World Cup hasn’t been great and only four Arsenal players have played in it so far. Diaby did well, while no one else did much at all. I hope The World Cup starts to produce some good games soon, or their will really be nothing going on this summer.

Robert Green had a howler against the U.S. I can see why Arsene is going after him, he can fit right in with our group of howler goalkeepers.

Barca have stated that they will be in South Africa, Arsene will be in South Africa, and Cesc will be in South Africa, so why can’t they come up with a deal? Joan Oliver answers that the transfer will be difficult because Arsenal say he isn’t for sale. The other problem is Arsenal don’t want to neogotiate.

Well that pretty much tells you that Barca are starting to turn into a we will do anything to get Cesc after they said the y will respect Arsenal’s position.

Not to much news today so that’s all for today, bye.


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