Who should Wenger be thinking about signing?

We all know that we are linked with almost every player in the world, but who should Wenger keep an eye out for? We are supposedly after Mark Scwarzer, already having made a bid for him, but after today’s match against Germany, Schwarzer didn’t look to comfortable. I know he isn’t going to play good in all games, but we need a goalkeeper who can perform every single game, a goalkeeper who can punch the ball out to the sides ( NOT to a Sp*rs player). We could sign Buffon, who has more experience then Almunia, Fabianski, and Mannone combined. But the player I think we should be after is Joe Hart. He played really well last season, making it into the team of the season, and performed every game he played in. He tall, he is a great shot stopper, and he is English. Wenger should really splash out some cash for this player.

On the defender side, we have three players leaving. All of them are in the end of their career, their contract is up at the end of the season, and don’t play well against the top sides. One player that Wenger could sign is Gregory van der Wiel, who stated today that he would love to join Arsenal F.C. He is a right back for Ajax and The Netherlands National Football Team. I don’t think that we need a right back, but he is 22 and could move forward to a Gallas position. We look really interested in signing Laurent Koscielny and we are said to have maid another bid for him. He really doesn’t have to much experience playing at a top level, for this was his first season in a top division. I’m not to sure about signing him, but once again, he could be a Vermaelen.

We have already signed Chamakh for free, and Joe Cole looks to be set to sign, so I am not to sure if Wenger is after any more attacking or midfield players. Obviously if Cesc goes, he would look to find a player to fill his boots. The number 1 player I would sign if Cesc leaves is Gourcuff. He is a play maker, who was player of the season in France in the 08-09 season, and he can make anything out of a set piece. Wenger should really look at him if Cesc does leave, not saying he will. The other player I think Wenger should sign, even if Cesc stays, is Eden Hazard. He has been dubbed as the new C.Ronaldo and looks to have lots of talent. Again, he plays in France so Wenger should be keeping an eye out for him. This is one player Arsene should definitely sign up.

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8 thoughts on “Who should Wenger be thinking about signing?

  1. Schwatzer is a great temporary option for two seasons then we’ll have Woz who’ll be next casiallas!! Jury is definitely out on gourcuff…he runs around not doing much a lot of the time and with diaby that could be two of them…diaby definitely outshone him in frances game. Ozil is the man if cesc goes…but i don’t think he will.
    Ozil is a freak – flair, technique great passing range, great crosser, great finisher and he gets amongst it for a little fella!! i like him no no i love him

  2. Well,i think Donovan will be a good replacement for cesc as we all seen what he played for everton for the few months he was on loan,likewise his first game in this ongoing wc campaigne.

  3. dave,i side with u concerning ozil.he is got flair and small eyes 4a killer pass.hope wenger watched him yesterday.he realy played well.he is a guy not short of confidence.he is also a good finisher.would prefer him 2gourcoof.

  4. I agree with Dave mesut Ôzil is the man we need for evrythng,playmaker,great vision for goal and typical big game performer…please wenger splash it for him before the spanish wiles bounce on him..

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