New Away Shirt + Cesc News

Not much going on today besides The World Cup and the new away jersey. So, lets start off with the World Cup. Eboue played 88 minutes for Ivory Coast in their 0-0 draw with Portugal. Drogba also played, after he was supposed to be out for the entire World Cup. Not surprising that a Chel$ki player would go from injured for the rest of his career to playing the next day.

Arsenal unveiled the new away jersey today.

It is yellow once again, while our away 09-10 jersey becomes are 3rd jersey.

There is also some new Cesc stories. Joan Laporta  wants to make a new bid for Cesc, and since he has 15 more days left as Barca manager, he would do anything to get him. Arsene has been stating throughout the week that Cesc is not for sale and he believes he will stay. I am still sure Barca will make a new bid and we will reject it.

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One thought on “New Away Shirt + Cesc News

  1. i do hope very much that if barca make a new bid arsene will still say no, cant understand why all this about cesc is still going on, arsene said we wont sell our capt so why dont barca just back off and stop hastling us.

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