Goodbye Dudu? + Cole news

Hello, a bit of transfer news today about Eduardo Da Silva. All Arsenal fans were devastated when Eduardo suffered his horrific injury, and all fans will always remember his game against Cardiff when he got a brace. It looks as if Eduardo will be leaving us after Wenger told Eduardo his services aren’t needed. This is what Wenger stated earlier in the season,

“He is very important but I will assess that situation and sit down with him before the end of the season, you want to see as well how he feels. He is 27 years old he wants to play.”

Eduardo has been off par for a lot of games last season, and Wenger now has Chamakh to partner RVP, so it looks like it can be the end of a 3 year career with the club.

Joe Cole has talked about his future, here is what he said,

“I want to get my future sorted as quickly as possible,”.

“My season for Chelsea wasn’t great for what I believe were political reasons rather than footballing reasons. Carlo Ancelotti, I love him, I’ve got big respect for him. I don’t want to go on into it now. It isn’t the time.

“It is not financial and it is nothing to do with Carlo. I love Carlo. I think he is a top guy and a top manager. I loved my time at Chelsea, I love the fans but it is a story for another day and I will tell it but now is not the time.”

“I want to have a couple of weeks off, want to sort my future out as soon as possible, go on holiday with my family. Next season I want to have a fantastic season for England and whatever club I am out.

“The next contract I sign will be a footballing decision. I want to play in a more central position. I want a manager who has faith in me and I’m talking about club football here.

“It is a big decision for me and my family but I’m open to anything at the moment. I have purposely not spoken to anyone while I’ve been here because that wouldn’t be fair on England.

“My phone has been turned off but now I want to sort it all out.”

It would be great if he decides to join us, but I’m not sure if he would be starting every game. His other option seems to be the scum Tottenham, after Manchester United ruled out a move for him.

We are being linked with Christian Eriksen, an 18-year-old midfielder who plays for Ajax. He is being recommended by Dennis Bergkamp, so Arsene should really have a got to sign this boy.

There is also a bit of  World Cup news. England are eliminated after falling 4-1 to Germany, as I’m sure you know, Lampard had a perfectly good goal disallowed. Germany played well and I think they deserved to win. Mexico lost 3-1 to Argentina, Carlos Vela got no playing time at all following his injury against France. They leaves The Netherlands and RVP to play tomorrow. I really hope Van Persie doesn’t get injured and scores a few.

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9 thoughts on “Goodbye Dudu? + Cole news

  1. who ever that will add more credit to our club wenger should buy nd stop going 4 numerous players he cant buy

  2. Wake up and smell the coffe. Arsenal needs a strong physical defender/midfielder , look at the difference between Arsenal and thre rest of the epl, they all have a physical brawler type of player in midfield , with the exception of Cesc we have a bunch of children ie. diaby( a world cup french flop) , idiotic Andre, etc With Song always being injured we have a huge hole that needs to be filled.The world cup has shown how badly we overate some of our players ie. diaby,glichy,gallas- all frog f–kups,bentnail -useless , Walcott -could not make the cut , eboue – the clown prince of africa, the list goes on and on. It also shows that old frog eyes is not using some of the best talent avaliable ie. Vela – superb for Mexico. unless we get some quality in were going to have a poorseason ahead of us.

  3. Joe cole would be a good signing imho. proven prem exp! plus he’s got the footballing brain and skills to fit in at arsenal. He says his next move will be for footballing reasons… ie he wants a main role with a club capable of playing a high standard of football! lol I guess that rules out Spurs then?….But seriously…

    Kinda leaves the spuds clinging to the fact that he may want to linkup with former boss Harry! who if Luka Modric goes to Man Ure will surely give JC a main role in the centre of midfield.

    Although Harry did come out and say he felt JC had already agreed a deal with a team although he didnt know who.

    Man Ure have supposedly denied that they are interested in JC… does that mean they have Modric in the bag?

    All roads looked like they were leading towards the Gunners. But knowing Arsenal they would only be bringing him in to replace …. possibly Fabregas but as Wenger says ‘he is not going anywhere’ it is unlikely they would buy JC as an added luxury. Although I feel nowadays the difference between good teams and the teams that win something is having a pool of luxury players… ie real strength in depth!
    Lets hope Wenger is thinking like me lol.

    New rumour has surface that AC Milan are also interested in JC? But I really believe he wont leave the premiership…

  4. we still need dudu. He is a brilliant player.
    we have too many foreign players in our team. Wenger needs to consider in signing some English players. so, joe cole might be a good choice.

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