Are Koscielny and Eduardo Answers to our Problems?

While Koscielny can sign any moment now, we are being linked with a promising new goalkeeper, Eduardo dos Reis Carvalho. He was Portugal’s number 1 at the World Cup only letting in one goal from David Villa to send Portugal out of the World Cup. He is 27 years old and has made 60 appearances for his club S.C. Braga. S.C . Braga even want him to sign for Arsenal, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he joins us next season, while Koscielny is 24, has only played one season in a top division, and is supposed to replace Gallas. I think Lorient are over their head trying to get £10 million for this kid. It would surprise me if he turns out to be as good as Vermaelen, but once again nobody knows how good he will end up doing. So Eduardo is a great replacement for Almunia and Fabianski while Koscielny might be a good replacement for Gallas.

Didier Deschamps was asked about signing Samir Nasri, he said,

Why not? But I think he is doing well exactly where he is! He did not want to move to Arsenal. He had just had a very good season.

When he left, there was an economic need for OM. And when these players go to clubs like Arsenal, we can no longer fight.

I have a feeling that Nasri is going to have a great season next year, but only if he stays fit. He is still very young at 23 and has lots of potential and I think he can be a great replacement for Cesc on day.

The World Cup is coming to a close and my predictions have been great and horrible at the same time. I predicted for The Netherlands to win it all and they have a great chance of  getting to the final, if they can overcome the great national team of Uruguay. My worst prediction will be RVP to be top scorer. He has scored 1 goal this tournament which makes him having to score 5 goals his next 2 games to make that prediction true. Germany is looking really good for wining the whole thing. After Germany’s 4-0 win over Argentina, they would probably feel on top of the world. Cesc has yet to start this World Cup, so he is getting a taste of his what will be his life at Barca. If you click on the link here you can see the worst number 10’s of the World Cup this season, and it has Fabregas as a Barca player.

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One thought on “Are Koscielny and Eduardo Answers to our Problems?

  1. I am getting very worried that we haven’t had an announcement about Koscielny. Surely Arsenal will have to tell us whats happening soon? And forget Eduardo (the goalkeeper). He is going to Genoa……

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