Do Arsenal have Englands Brightest Future in Jack Wilshere?

It seems as if Joe Cole was almost certain to join Arsenal after much talk that he had already agreed a deal with us, and with him joining Liverpool, a few people were a bit upset that he chose Liverpool instead of us, but is Jack Wilshere better than Joe Cole?

Jack Wilshere is without doubt one of the great players for the future, and has showed that in many occasions, with his great vision, his brilliant dribbling, and attitude to do his best. Jack Wilshere will be turning 19 on January 1st next year, while Joe Cole will be turning 29 this November. Arsenal do need experience in our squad, but we also need to have a great future as well. Most people would say that we need to worry more about doing good this season, then doing good in 5 seasons, but if you look at teams like United and Liverpool, they have no future besides worrying about bankruptcy. Arsenal are definitely one of the greatest financial teams in the world, without worrying about bankruptcy or who’s going to take over at the club, and we don’t need to worry about 5 years like Liverpool and United do.

Jack Wilshere is one of the best examples of a future player coming up at Arsenal, and he should without doubt get playing time next season in the first team. If you look in the papers, they talk as if Joe Cole is the greatest player of all time, nobody mentions that he had been a bench warmer for the last 2 seasons at Chelsea, struggled with injuries, and had to fight for an England World Cup squad. Wenger might not like to spend big on players, for example Liverpool had to pay £16 million for Joe Cole, even though they were supposed to have an amazing £5 million war chest, Wenger would never have spent that much. Our biggest signing of all time was Andrey Arshavin for £15 million, he is a great singing and better than Joe Cole, but we got Jack Wilshere for nothing.

Jack Wilshere has surpassed many players in quality in the Arsenal first team in my opinion, I would rather have him in goal then Almunia and Fabianski playing goalkeeper at the same time, but he also risen above a few midfielders as well. Denilson is one example. Denilson might be able to make a few good passes and shoot from distance, but he has a hard time playing with the physicality of the Premier League. Jack Wilshere is a really tough cookie. You make him angry and he is sure to dive or spit on your face. He has even risen above Little Mozart, Tomas Rosicky. I admit that I am a huge fan of  Tomas Rosicky, I always admired the way that he read and played the game, but I believe Jack Wilshere has every quality of Rosicky besides experience and long distance shots. Many Arsenal fans around the world are comparing him to Cesc Fabregas, but I’m comparing him with Robert Pires. Pires (wing) and Fabregas (centre) play similar positions, but I think Wilshere could play anywhere in the midfield.

Overall, Jack Wilshere should be given a chance to prove his what he could do in the premier league  next season with Bolton Arsenal. He is our future captain, and England’s future captain. All hail Young Jack.


4 thoughts on “Do Arsenal have Englands Brightest Future in Jack Wilshere?

  1. it looks like win-win for us.

    cesc will stay one more season which will give AW a year to bring on wilshere (and if fit, ramsay too) and in a year they could, maybe even should, be ready to take our captain’s place.

    if, however, wilshere’s development slows a bit, expect AW to find another playmaker and use wilshere sparingly for a couple of seasons more.

  2. I just want a new goalie so we can get rid of Almunia. Look at this – Wilshere, Lansbury, Walcott, Ramsay, Freeman, Afobe and Frimpong – this represent the future for Arsenal. The future is bright.

  3. Le Boss won’t play Fabregas and Wilshere in the same side, he likes his 3 in midfield and places his trust in Denilson (the Brazilian David Batty) and Song alongside Cesc.
    Wilshere in my view needs a loan spell again this coming season, not back at Bolton I don’t trust Coyle not to tap Jack up, and when Cesc goes next summer JW can fit straight into the middle!

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