Arsenal v Celtic- Player Ratings

Almunia 7- He had a very good game but could have done better on the second goal.

Sagna 7- Scored a terrific left footed drive and made some good tackles.

Vermaelen 7- Very solid game for Vermaelen, controlling the back line.

Djourou 6- A shaky game for Djourou, but he did have a couple of good moments.

Clichy 6.5- Good game for Clichy going forward and very solid defensively.

Frimpong 6- A few good moments but a little shaky on the ball a couple of times.

Rosicky 7- Did well all around making some good passes.

Wilshere 7- Conceded a penalty but looked lively throughout the match.

Walcott 5.5- Made a great assist after 3 minutes and got into some great positions, but his final ball was horrible. He can be a great player if he improves his crossing and finishing.

JET 6- Made a few good passes but anonymous throughout the game.

Vela 7- Scored a goal after 3 minutes and played well.

Koscielny 6- Didn’t to too well in the 15 minutes he was on.

Gibbs 6- Didn’t do to much throughout the match.

Nasri 7.5- Did well finding the net and making some great passes.

Arshavin 6.5- Didn’t do much when he came on but made a great back heel pass that should have led to a goal.

Eboue 6- Didn’t do much in his time on.

Chamakh 6.5- Got up in the air well and almost scored off a corner.


12 thoughts on “Arsenal v Celtic- Player Ratings

  1. Hoe can you give walcott the lowest rating???? He assisted two goals! People need to get off his back. Even when he does well people criticize him. He will have no self confidence. Ofcurse he can improve his crossing and finishing. He is better on the ball than 2 years ago. Give him a break.

  2. You gave Flappy a 7 yesterday and today Manuel
    wins us the game and he gets 6.5?!
    I now know your clueless on keepers!

  3. Almunia is hero he ought to get 10 lst season he had emo stress whn his dad inlaw died this season hell bail us out

  4. Walcott (7) should have had the MOM for two assists. When Rosisky, Vela , Clichy, Sagna and TV went off – we started to struggle. The pressing went down and we became exposed at the back. JET, Arsh and Eboue were worth 3 or less. Frimp (6) and Jacko(7) ran blood to water . Frimps passing was erratic by our standards but will obviously improve if AW can afford to give him more games. JD (4) was poor at the back- especially when TV was not there. Chamach linked well (6) and Nasri(7) and Vela (7) move well on and off the ball. Their ablity, along with Rosicky (7) to beat a man in tight situations will give us a title shot this year. Rock on.

  5. No mate your assessment of Walcott is wrong, he should of been rated higher! He had a really good game, he took spot kick well, goal assists, defended well and passing was good. Lil’ Jack should not get man of the match in my opinion. Frimpong should get a 7, did really well but got tired.

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