Mark Hughes will NOT Sell Schwarzer, so who should we sign?

Mark Hughes has announced today that he will not be selling Mark Schwarzer, stating the following quote,

“There is always interest in quality players and it is not my intention to allow the betters players leave the football club.

“We are in a position where we don’t have to sell our better players.

“We want to progress and you want to have the better players, so I suggest the two players you mention will still be Fulham players by the end of the window.

“There was a conversation [with Schwarzer] some time ago but I have only just come through the door and will have to refresh myself about the conversations that happened.

“But we want to resolve the situation as soon as possible but we are not in the position of letting our best players leave and Mark falls into that category.”

I was never too sure over Schwarzer, but now it looks like he won’t be joining us so we have to look on. We were linked with Portugal goalkeeper Eduardo before he went to Genoa, and have been linked strongly with Federico Marchetti. Here is a list of goalkeepers that have been linked with signing this summer.

Federico Marchetti- The current number 1 for Cagliari and Italy during the World Cup.

Joe Hart- The 2nd choice goalkeeper at Man City and 3rd for England during the World Cup.

Hugo Lloris- The number one for Lyon and France.

Robert Green- The number one for West Ham United and number 2 for England at the World Cup.

Maarten Stekelenburg- The number 1 at Ajax and The Netherlands.

Manuel Neuer- The number 1 at Schalke and Germany.

Sergio Romero- The number 1 at AZ and Argentina during the World Cup.

Igor Akineev- Number 1 at CSKA Moscow and Russia.

Buffon- Number 1 at Juventus and Italy.

As you can see, we have been linked with a lot of goalkeepers this summer, but if I had to choose one of those goalkeepers it would be Manuel Neuer or Akineev even though I would take any of them. I just hope that Wenger signs one and a big centre back. Vote for your favorite goalkeeper to sign for Arsenal below.


One thought on “Mark Hughes will NOT Sell Schwarzer, so who should we sign?

  1. I just don’t know why we Arsenal fan will not just leave Arsene alone to do his job. I do understand the fustrations but this guy love to do things secretly and quietly without disrespecting the other Football clubs. Arsene will never sign a player mere looking at him on YOUTUBE. He watches players for months and months before deciding on him. Emir Spahic is a FANTASTIC PLAYER that Arsenal has being missing for years now. Forget about the height guys. Vidic is not that tall either for Manu and he is a very good defender. Emir Spahic should patner Verman in the heart of our defence. He will give us the recklessness and steel we have been looking for. Forget about his age. He has the experience Koscienly does not have. Why don’t we just relax and see what the season has for us. Plsssssss leave Arsene alone and let him figure out what he wants for the club. THX.

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