Arsenal v Blackpool- Player Ratings

Almunia 6- Nothing to do.

Sagna 6.5- Got forward well and made a good assist.

Vermaelen 6- Didn’t do or have to do anything.

Song 6.5- Took on players really well.

Clichy 6- Didn’t challenge the ball at all for Blackpool’s open header.

Wilshere 7- Should have scored but made some nice passes.

Rosicky 7.5- Proved again that he is a really good footballer and could make some nice passes.

Diaby 6.5- Scored a really nice goal but made some bad passes.

Arshavin 7- Scored a good penalty and assisted Walcott, but made a couple of bad passes.

Walcott 9- Amazing game from Walcott, scored a hat trick and made some great runs.

Chamakh 6.5- A huge sigh of relief that he scored a great header after missing his first chance.

Fabregas 6- Made some good passes but didn’t do much besides that.

Van Persie N/A

Vela 6.5- Almost scored what would have been one of the best goals I have ever seen but flopped the shot. Still played well though.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal v Blackpool- Player Ratings

  1. RVP should be given a 6.5 and cesc a 6.0 becuz RVP contributed by crossing that corner chamack scored with he got an assist. my rating…sagna 7 song 8 vermalen 8 ciichy 6.5 diaby 7 rosicky 8.5 wilshere 6.5 walcott 9 (should have scored 5 missed a couple) chamack 7.5 arshavin 6.5/7 subs vela 6 RVP 6.5 cesc 6.0 almunia N/A only had to make one catch from a cross which he handled well. other than that he was joblessss!

  2. I agree with Ken,he is absolutely right.He followed d game from d blast of d whistle.Fab ddnt do much,but vp was visible.

  3. I thought Rosicky and Walcott were excellent, providing real threat from central and wide positions. It was an encouraging result, but probably not one to get over-excited about given the (lack of) quality of the opposition. Still, three points is three points – and we didn’t “do a Hull”, so all is good!

    I have to say, I liked the way Blackpool tried to play – good job that Taylor-Fletcher header at 1-0 didn’t go in – and their fans were a real credit to the club, singing right to the very end.

    If you’re interested, here’s my review of the match – I’d welcome your thoughts:

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