Arsenal v Blackburn- Player Ratings

Almunia 7.5- Great game for Almunia. Made some fine saves and did well on all of  Blackburn’s set pieces.

Sagna 7.5- He had a good game going forward but was also solid in the back.

Koscielny 6.5- At fault for the Blackburn goal but had a pretty solid game.

Vermaelen 7- Was the leader in the back but got beat a couple of times.

Clichy 7- I thought he was a lot more physical today then the Blackpool game and overall he had a good game.

Diaby 7.5- A lot better than the Blackpool game in passes, but I feel that he is still missing something this season.

Song 7 (0)- The 7 stands for his performance today where he was very solid but his passing was a little off. The 0 stands for his new Sagna like hairdo.

Fabregas 7- He had a pretty good second half but you can tell he wasn’t match fit.


Walcott 8.5- Another great game for Theo scoring a wonderful goal which ultimately gave him confidence. He also has a lot of confidence coming out of breaking the net.

RVP 6- Set up Theo but then got injured for a couple of weeks, again.

Arshavin 7.5- His first half was normal but then came to life when he scored.

Wilshere N/A

Rosicky and Chamakh 6- Rosicky came on late and Chamakh had a few good plays but was quiet overall.


7 thoughts on “Arsenal v Blackburn- Player Ratings

  1. for the first time ever i actually agree with someone’s ratings!

    i was so glad to see you gave diaby a decent rating, so many people get on hes back for poor passing, they forget the rest of hes game.

    the only one i disagree with is songs hair, i quite like it, id give it a 8 lol

    glad to see arshavin had a good game today aswell

    cheers mate, good report

  2. i think a 6 for fabregas should be good .
    i think he is still dreaming of aving a shower with xabi
    after the game.
    (summer ’09: “i will honour my contract at arsenal)
    fuck him!!!

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