Can Arsenal win the Premier League with Almunia and Fabianski? (poll)

Mark Schwarzer will not be joining us, so that means that we haven’t signed a new goalkeeper. Can Arsenal still be title contenders without a new goalkeeper? You can vote for what you really feel.


9 thoughts on “Can Arsenal win the Premier League with Almunia and Fabianski? (poll)

  1. Of course we can!!! Almunia is not a top GK but is a good one. Surely he is not 100% reliable, but who is? Besides, he already did great performances for us and he is not the only one to blame if we loses points.I believe in AW and also in our team. We made great signings through the transfer window. I liked what I’ve seen of Chamakh and Kos, and they can only improve with us. We also have just signed Squillaci, and managed to keep our captain with us for this season. So, honestly, Wenger did more than I was expecting this summer.

    1. “I liked what I’ve seen of Chamakh and Kos”…
      oh do you now?kos last saturday,did you see how Diuff (of all peolpe ) ran away from him on the left side,much faster than him,even with the ball.he will cry for mama when drogba comes running at him,i’m sure.
      this year i think we even won’t make it to the top 4 because wenger has not been able in the last 6 years to form a team that is able to compete.vierra,pirez,bergkamp and mad jens were players who would have died for arsenal every weekend.fabregas,song,chamakh are players who are more worried about their hairdoe’s. (hairdon’ts in sagna’s case).
      it’s a matter of charisma,balls,attititude and i just have not seen it in a long time and it seems to get worse.there is just a bunch of spoiled,talented yuppies on the pitch.
      in wenger i don’t trust anymore.

    2. a goalkeeper is only as good as his defence, sure he is not the most reliable goalkeeper but with a good solid defence i think we can win the league. we have the best midfielders and forwards in the league so that part is sorted, i also believe that we have a good enough defence so im positive that something good will happen this season.

  2. I 100% agree with Karen senoo . I think we’ll have a good chance this year . But as for next year I think we going to be in for a difficult year unless our capt stay put or WENGER can find a replacement for him . It’s not easy to find a fine player like our Capt. But I trust wenger will pull something out of his hat .

  3. Almunia and Fabianski are great keepers, we should believe in them and give them the morale support they need, i personally believe that wth the strong defence we now have, we stand a great chance of winning the league

  4. As Wenger repeatedly advised us, the transfer market was very stingy and difficult this time around and despite his best efforts he couldn`t land a reasonably affordable and skillful keeper. This can turn out to a sliver lining for Arsenal as they`ll HAVE to work with their keepers to improve their confidence, skills and aggressiveness in the goalarea. Czesney is a potentially first rater, Mannone has shown spurts of brillance, Almunia is experienced and can have great games whewn it counts and Flaphandski might actually improve with proper support. I agreen with Karen Senoo…it isn`t the keeper that wins or loses a cup,league or title, its the entire team and if they don`t work to protect their area, then they don`t deserve to win anything. Chelsea won with superb, water-tight defensive play but Cech made quite a few mistakes last year, despite this. Wenger brought in top defensive experience and potential to go along with what the club already had and we will see a big change in the goals difference this year. Arsenal are now striker rich and their defense, although still occasionally shaky is improving. I feel Almunia will have a very good season like he did in his first year at Arsenal. None of the goals scored on him so far were totally his fault and in fact he`s looked better than he did last year at this time.

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