Arsenal v Bolton- Player Ratings

Almunia 6.5- Had a quiet game today and couldn’t do much about the goal.

Eboue 6.5- Started the match surprisingly ahead of Sagna and did well. Eboue is going to try and take every chance he gets to be in the starting line up and I expect him to have a good season.

Koscielny 7- Scored his first ever goal in an Arsenal shirt, but then got over confident and thought a lightly touched header will make it to Almunia. Besides the goal, he was very good.

Squillaci 7- Had a very good game today, and made all of the right decisions. I expect him to get many games for Arsenal this season, and to have a good relationship with Vermaelen.

Gibbs 6.5- Didn’t challenge the ball very well and you can tell he doesn’t have the quality of Clichy. I think he will be important for Arsenal in the coming years, and I think he will fit in well if Clichy get’s an injury.

Fabregas 8.5- He showed his class and his determination today. Was involved in almost every attack and controlled the rhythm of the game.

Song 7.5- Played a lot more forward today and scored a delightful goal. It was his first goal at the Emirates, and I can’t guarantee that he will ever score again at the Emirates, but overall he had a great game.

Wilshere 6.5- I think he had a good game and made many good passes. You can tell that he isn’t quite there yet, but has loads of talent at his young age. He will be the next Fabregas, maybe.

Arshavin 6.5- Missed 3 golden opportunities which sort of through his game off. It seemed like he played more of a centre forward today instead of a winger with all of his offsides.

Rosicky 7- Missed a great, great opportunity but showed his class in his passes and work rate. He really deserves a goal for all of his efforts this season and you can feel that he will have a great season.

Chamakh 7.5- Played really well, and was rewarded by scoring a great header. He is the signing of the summer in the Premier League, and he only cost us £0! Typical Wenger signing.

Diaby N/A- Got injured, probably for a few weeks, and was substituted twice.

Denilson 6.5- Did well when came in for Diaby and almost scored a goal from Denilson range.

Vela 6- Scored within 5 minutes of coming on off of a 24 pass build up. Should have started today.


11 thoughts on “Arsenal v Bolton- Player Ratings

  1. I think that this article is not fair to chamakh,who played hard,did some defending returns, got the goal that got Arsenal players confidence after a lot of us tought that Bolton was going to win,he also was behind the red card…smart striker,and finally he was all over the place giving some interesting passes to his teamates.
    Even if Chamakh is good in the air,he doesn’t get too many chances ,i don’t understand why arsenal player don’t use his quality to get some easy goals,as much as his teamates in Bordeaux did.
    I played football all my life, i know that chamakh is a very good striker if he’s used the right way.
    The mexican striker that got more credit in your article than chamakh got lucky to get a pass the time chamakh was starving for passes like that,and you need to watch him all the game.
    Try to see the goals chamakh got with Bordeaux in UEFA against the best goal keeper in the world, against olympiakos,bayern,juventus…to know more about him.
    In my opinion, he was the man of the match

    1. chamakh has got a lot of learning to do…. he was always going off his position that was why he couldn’t get such passes from Cecs. During the first 45minutes cesc tried to lay those passes but chamahk was no where to be found on the pitch living cesc with no other options than to present such passes to only player (Arshavin) making those runs at Bolton defense unfortunately he couldn’t convert any one. but as soon as Vela came on (been that he already knew how cesc thinks once he had the ball on his feet) u can see he was actually anticipating such passes that was why he was able to beat Bolton offside mark and finished with aplomb.

    2. The article calls chamakh the “signing of the summer”. I dont think it was belittling his ability. And marouane had a chance that was just as good as vela’s but missed it.
      There’s no doubt hes a fantastic player, but he’s never been a natural finisher. A lot of his goals for bordeaux were due to his bravery and heading ability and that has carried through to arsenal. He certainly wasnt signed for his goalscoring record, which is unspectacular, frankly. He was signed for his strength, aggression, stamina, pace and link-up skill which have already vastly improved our squad because we would have really struggled against blackburn and bolton were it not for his presence, given all the injuries we have suffered already. I think wenger will also add the extra goals to his game and take him to the next level as a player.
      The reason we are so happy for vela is that he had a great preseason and really looked ready to fight for a place. After theo got injured many people thought this was his big chance, but wenger didnt even put him on until the 80th minute, yet he came onto the pitch with a smile on his face, worked hard, got one chance and took it. That shows great attitude and mentality. It’s just nice to see from the kid.

  2. Brad i agree mate Cham was brill 2day. Hes good in the air, good at takin on defenders and skilled if he works on his shootin he would be as good as Torres. Under Wenger he will become a top top striker no dout about it. Vela is looking

  3. Brad, Chamack spent most his time on the wing, Arshavin would’ve been more likely to receive that pass, Vela deserved the goal thnx to his positioning, it’s what makes a striker w he is…. Dumb comment mate… My opinion

  4. Don’t get me wrong people Chamack is great, but Vela brings a new dimention to the team, we got a good set of strikers this time around, with either RVP, Bendy or Theo fit with the 2 that plays 2day, we can break any defense In Europe

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