Arsenal v WBA- Player Ratings

That was an absolutely horrendous game. Our defence was super bad and didn’t make any efforts to get the ball, our midfield was lazy in passing, and our forwards were too lazy to even touch the ball ( except for Nasri). It was pretty shocking and even Wenger said after-wards that we didn’t deserve a point. These are the kind of games that we are going to look back at at the end of the season and dread that we couldn’t get 3 points at home to WBA. Wenger knows that we are going to have to make big changes before Chelsea and drop Almunia and not bring in Fabianski, but Szczesny or Mannone, who in my opinion, are better than those two. Their is no point to really talk about each players individual performance because they were pretty much all the same. Lazy, out of position, and had no desire to win this match.

Almunia – 4

Sagna – 4.5

Koscielny – 5

Squillaci – 5.5

Clichy – 5.5

Eboue – 5

Diaby – 5.5

Song – 5

Arshavin – 5.5

Nasri – 7.5

Chamakh – 5.5

Wilshere – 6

Rosicky – 5

Vela – N/A


3 thoughts on “Arsenal v WBA- Player Ratings

  1. Song completely deserves a maximum of 2.. In a game where we had two attack minded players in midfield, he should have stayed back to give the extra support to defense.. Instead he surged forward, gave away cheap possession n made it a nightmare for our own backline.. He has to take responsibility for the loss.. He made our defense look helpless. WBA found it easier to manipulate the ball from midfield. They used the wings bring full backs out of position and hence making it a hard day for KOS n SQUID who are actual quality players.. Even Denilson would have made a difference.. SCREW U SONG..

  2. Talk about lazy…you’re ratings are lazy!
    Almunia – 4 shocking…that building confidence is now gone
    Sagna – 5 thomas gave him big trouble and wasn’t his typical self
    Koz – 6.5 played very well made great tackles won everything in the air could have closed jara down a little more but was not his fault he scored
    Squillaci – 4.5 shocking…got caught out heaps got turned and was out of position and gave the ball away so many times…a worry
    Clichy – 3.5 he was the worst player for me. Odemwinge gave him no end of grief got breezed past for the penalty and run around all day, his defence has lost all confidence and was nowhere in attack
    song – 6 he played pretty well it wasn’t lost thru the middle
    Diaby – 5 the guy can’t play unless cesc is on the pitch then he becomes immense. too many sloppy passes no spark at all!
    Nasri – 7.5 tried hard all night w/out support
    Arsharvin – 6.5 looked good and lively but got a bit starved and the balls he got were when he was surrounded
    Eboue – 4 shocking game from eboue, looked kinda disinterested and was coughing it up or making bad passes and in the wrong spot!please bring walcott back soon
    Chamakh – 6 not his best but held the ball up well again just lacked runs from diaby and eboue,

    subs…game was over so you can give them what you like…jack will be back in the next game

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