Wenger, Transfers and Birmingham

Arsenal play Birmingham tomorrow in a match that we will see Bendtner, Walcott, and Djourou come back from injury. Their isn’t any surprise in seeing that Fabregas, Vermaelen, and Van Persie are still not fit, but I don’t think we will have any problems against Birmingham. We have been pretty good at home this season except for that horrible display against WBA, and I’m sure that Wenger is going to treat this match seriously.

We are being linked with 2 new players, Bojan and Hernandez. Bojan is a 20 year old that plays for Barcelona and is valued at £12m. Than there is a Palermo striker named Abel Hernandez who is also 20 and has an amazing 7 goals in 27 games for Palermo. I’m not sure what either of these players will bring to us when we have Vela and Bendtner who are bigger talents.

Wenger has been talking about recent reports linking him to PSG, and he responded by saying,

“There is only one club in my heart, and that is Arsenal.

“PSG is the slightest of my worries. I am 100 per cent happy here. I have just extended my contract here – after that, I don’t know what I’ll do.

“Anything else is just talk to get out of an interview where I was surrounded before the game in Metz.”

Wenger has also stated about how he has said enough about tackling,

“What do you think? That all the injuries are coincidence? It’s not God who tackles people, it’s players,” he replied.

“You know what I think. The newspapers were full of what I said and suddenly I’m not the only one any more. So I do not want to speak about that any more because I got a lot of stick in the whole country for what I said at the moment when I said it.

“You don’t need to know more about what I said. I stick to what I said two months ago. I understand one thing: I cannot influence what happens in England so I shut my mouth.”

After some coaxing Wenger did offer a new take on the subject, suggesting that England should follow France’s disciplinary process to ensure stricter punishments were handed out to the worst offenders.

“We have to make sure that the players know when they go into the game that if they do something that the referee has not seen that is dirty they can get punished,” he said.

“That happens in some other countries like France. You can be punished in France. A dirty tackle that the referee has not seen – you’re punished. Even if the referee has seen the tackle and it’s not punished you can still be punished. You can get six months.”

I’m happy to see Wenger always talking about tackling because it is amazing how many bad tackles happen against us.

Come on ya’ Gunners!


4 thoughts on “Wenger, Transfers and Birmingham

  1. We wait to applaud our heros at the emirates today. Unlike our last home game, I do believe this game will give something to cheer about. Welcone Bendtner, welcome Walcott and with all sincerity of our heart, welcome to your royal palace oh HLEB. We still love you.

  2. you obviously haven’t seen Bojan play before, because he is way better than both bendtner and Vela. he’s an awesome up-and-coming star of the game. anyway, doubt barca would let him go.
    hope bendtner has a big game on return.

  3. U guys shld tink, may b they r tired of v.persie. His record in an arsenal shirt is terrible. And wenger, murphy gave a gr8t speech to bak u up.

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