Cesc Speaks, and Let’s kill City Tomorrow!

Arsenal v City, a match that could go either way, and could end up with tons of injuries. We don’t have the best record against City,United, and Chelsea, and have an astonishing record of winning just 3 games out of 17 matches since 2008. You can see in the table below just how bad are record is against them.


P  W  D    L     F    A      WIN%
v Chelsea   6    1   0    5     4   14    17%
v Man Utd   6     1   1    4     5   10    17%
v Man City   5     1   1    3     4   10    20%
TOTAL        17   3   2  12   13   34   18%

So City tomorrow, we need 3 points after Tottenham tied Everton and West Brom leaped over us to 4th place. City might play how Chelsea play by playing defencive and scoring a goal of a counter attack and then end up winning the game, or they can play offencively, which Arsenal would rather play against.

Fabregas has talked about his dream to win the Premier League and Champions League with Arsenal by saying,

“I have strong feelings for Barcelona and they will always be in my head. I try to watch their games most weekends. But my first priority now is Arsenal because I am a professional.”What happened in the summer didn’t damage my reputation at the club or my friendships or relationships there. Many of my team-mates are also friends and they know my true feelings.  

“It will be spectacular to repeat the Champions League final of 2006 in a stadium like Wembley. And of course to defeat Barça.

“I dream of winning the title with Arsenal. I never hid my intentions in the summer. I wanted to play for Barcelona but it wasn’t possible and that’s finished.

“Now I will always give my best for Arsenal. They are such a special part of my life and I want to be successful here. I will always be grateful to Arsenal.”

Fabregas is a true professional and always finds the right thing to say. I hope he does stay for years to come and wins us the Premier League and Champions League.

Szczesny also has been talking about the amazing Fabianski saying,

I still think there is more to come from Lukasz, I always said he is a very good goalkeeper.

I have known him for quite a few years and we have gone through that learning process together and I know he is a really good goalkeeper.

He has got his confidence back and he is doing quite well. I think if his confidence grows even more he will really be a world-class goalkeeper.

I think Lukasz’ problem last year [was that] he played one game every month or so.

Then it’s hard to get your rhythm going, whereas [now] he’s got a good run of games, I think he played in five or six games now and you can see he’s more confident, his decision making is much better, and it looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Fabianski has been playing well lately but he has let up 6 goals in 5 games this season, while Almunia has let up 7 in 7. I am sure that Wenger is going to give Szczesny and Fabianski games this season and I hope that they play well.

Come on Arsenal let’s beat City tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Cesc Speaks, and Let’s kill City Tomorrow!

  1. It doesn’t look good, especially playing away. I believe we’ve lost our last three visits to the Eastlands. But if the defence holds strong, and the midfield attack like they did on Tuesday, you just never know…..

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