Who Should be Arsenal’s number 1?

With Fabianski and Szczesny both making fine displays lately, should Wenger make one of them number 1, or should he stick with Manuel Almunia?


9 thoughts on “Who Should be Arsenal’s number 1?

  1. i like Szczesny, but i think he’s a little young, i think some more time to continue to learn would be beneficial to him, he has great potential, no need to put too much pressure on him now, if he isnt convincing it’d be hard for him to re-earn the respect of fans…

    1. I also think that Szczesny is a little young and that if he has a bad game, he would be under too much pressure. We need to give him a new contract and he will become Arsenal’s number 1 step by step.

  2. It’s quite refreshing to be faced with this type of dilemma. Almunia has served the club adequately over the past few season but doesn’t seem to be able to reach that next level you need fro
    a championship goal stopper. I’m very impressed with fabianski’s form of late and if he continues to perform in big games like at city last week, I think he deserves thr chance. Nice to see Szczesny developing.

  3. Szczensy had a show yesterday and will most definately take Arsenal No. Spot but he need time to develop. Did somebody how Koscielny defended well yesterday? that guy is improving game after game. With Verminator back they will build an indomitable wall at the back and Squallanci and Djoruo waiting on the door step incase of any injury.

  4. fabiansky should be no.1 since he has enough mental strength to deal with criticism when he has a bad game.szczesny is good but still young hence he should be given one or two years to gain enough physical and mental strength, though he is the best goolie at the moment.alumunia is nervous in big games hence he does not show consistency in big and difficult games.he should be offloaded to give way to the youngstars.don’t forget vito will be back so it is a difficult situation for wenger.but he should deal with it as he is a prof.

  5. There is nothing like being 2 young,CASILAS was 18 years old when he became no 1 at REAL MADRID, the current ATHLETICO MADRID goal keeper DE GEA is 19 years old he is no 1 and is even been considered for a national team call up. I have that fear that if we dont give SZECZNEY the opportunity to show him self we will loose him at the end of this season. He is the best keeper at ARSENAL at the moment simple as that

  6. There is no pt askn who shld b our no1 in goal, bcos we hav all seen d 3 goalkeepers performance. N 4 me almunia is out of it. So i think fabianski shld b our no1, while sczeny shld b no 2. Its unfortunate that we did nt c mannone perform n he has been loaned out which is also good 4 him accordin 2 what i heard. 4 almunia, come january, he shld leave, bcos this young goalkeepers r nt learnin anytin frm hm, instead he teaches this young goalkeepers hw 2 b inconsistence, n makin school boy error n d worst of it all is that at his age, he has refused 2 improve, finaly “almunia” shld leave n let d young ones fight it out 4 d 1st spot.

  7. The only way he’ll continue to learn is by playing week in week out. If he’s not ready for Arsenal, he should be out on loan. Keeping him on the bench will only slow his growth.

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