Arsenal v Spuds- Player Ratings

Fabianski 5- He has had a good run of games lately but today, he was regular Fabianski. He didn’t look too impressive coming for balls and managed to drop a few of them. No chance for the goals but might have been a little bit better positioned for the 1st and 3rd.

Sagna 6- Contained Gareth Bale well and tried hard.

Squillaci 5.5- I think he tried pretty hard throughout the game but was at fault for the first goal. Didn’t seem to interested and Tottenham took advantage of him.

Koscielny 5- Did well in the first half but missed a glorious opportunity to win us the game and didn’t look interested in the second half.

Clichy 6- Went up forward really well but his finishing product was pretty bad.

Song 5.5- Song has been coming up forward lately, but sadly, he’s no Fabregas. He needs to play more defencive the whole game and then come up to attack occasionally.

Denilson 5- Was out-muscled too many times and looked shaky on the ball. I think he just needs to get more playing time after he’s been out for such a long time.

Nasri 7.5- He’s my player of the season so far not only because he is world class, but also because he always try hard, and never gives up. He was one of our most influential players on the pitch today and scored from a tight angle.

Fabregas 7.5- Made some wonderful balls, wanted to win badly, but he did what he got away with against Liverpool last season, sticking his hand up to stop the free kick. We can’t blame him for us not winning today, we have to blame that on ourselves.

Arshavin 7- Played well and set up the goal for Chamakh. He is making big improvements week to week and seems to be making better passes.

Chamakh 6- Scored a great goal but sadly, that was his only good touch of the game.

Rosicky 5.5- Couldn’t do much.

Walcott 5- Couldn’t make anything happen.

Van Persie 6- Made some nice touches and passes.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal v Spuds- Player Ratings

  1. I have been criticizing Song all season but some fans seem to find his going upfront a good thing. The same thing that happened against West Brom happened today. Too many players in the opposition half. And we were leading this time around. If he doesn’t revert to his normal way of playing then we will be losing points at home.
    Secondly, we seem vulnerable mostly when we are going for set pieces, not just defending them. Why the heck would we have our CBs attack for a set piece about 40 yards from goal? We are not Newcastle or Blackburn for Pete’s sake. Man utd punished us twice from this type of situation last season at the Emirates.
    Lastly, neither Chamakh or van Persie can play alone upfront, not at home at the very least. AW needs to change his tactics henceforth. Thierry Henry must have been massively disappointed as this never happened during his time.

  2. Squillaci should get a minus 10. He’s a waste of space an I’m sick of the fuckn sight of him. Wengers worst ever signing inmy opinion and one which was made to quickly fill a void. He will continue to cost us! I can’t underdtand why djourou isn’t the preferred choice by now. He’s 3 times the player. very dissapointed, and a little embarassed….

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