Arsenal Reserves lose 10-1 to Aston Villa

The Arsenal reserves got hammered today against Aston Villa 10-1. It wasn’t the strongest reserve line up with most of our best reserve players out on loan.  Villa scored after just 9 minutes right before Brislen- Hall got a red card. Villa were leading 5-0 at half time and their was no way back for our embarrassed young guns. Villa then added another 3 goals before Deacon scored a consolation to make it 8-1. Villa then added another 2 and Arsenal left 10-1 losers. Hopefully the last time they will see that result against them.


8 thoughts on “Arsenal Reserves lose 10-1 to Aston Villa

  1. Villa’s main youngsters weren’t playing either – and they had three lads playing off the back of long term injuries!

    Villa had hit the post and were a goal up before the red card which suggest they were going to run riot no matter what was going to happen.

    Very disappointing to see Arsenal’s players lashing out physically when they knew they were going to get taken to the cleaners…the scrap at the end incredibly poor show.

    A final point: “lose” not “loose”!

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