Arsenal Forced to Fight for Germany Startlet

Arsenal target Per Mertesacker has said that he does not want to listen to any sort of deal right now. In an interview, he said,

“We are in a difficult moment with Werder and we should not be talking about me at this time,” Mertesacker told Kreiszeitung. “I am needed here for our day-to-day work and it is my duty to concentrate on that. I cannot deal with anything else.

“Like I say, most of it does not even get through to me and I have told my agent that he should leave me in peace. In certain situations, players should protect themselves by not losing track of the most important things in their job.”

Mertesacker is also being linked with a move to Man Utd and Chelsea. If Arsenal are to sign the German international, it is believed Wenger will have to spend £20m. Another Arsenal transfer target, Gary Cahill, is believed to be valued at £15m.


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