Arshavin’s Juve Deal Unlikely

Arshavin has been linked with a move to Juventus lately, but Arshavin’s agent,Dennis Lachter, has stated that a deal is unlikely.

“There’s a possibility of Andrey (Arshavin’s) move to Juventus,” Lachter told Russian news website “But there are two things that can prevent this deal.

“First, Arsenal can win the Premiership this year. The gold medal of the English league is a dream of any footballer.

“Second is the financial ability of Juve as Arsenal are demanding no less than $26million (£17m) to release Arshavin.

“It’s difficult for me to comment on certain items because he is a player who still has two-and-half-years on his contract with Arsenal and there are no formal offers.

“In any case I think it’s just speculation. Juventus could have taken Arshavin two-and-a-half years ago, but they didn’t want to.

“The player is happy in London. There could also be possibilities to move in January but, I repeat, we are talking about a player under contract and for which currently there is nothing concrete.”

I can’t see Arshavin leaving Arsenal until his contract is up because he seems to be a person commits to his contract. Arshavin could consider himself to be lucky to be getting playing time with one of the best clubs in England when he isn’t playing well. I don’t see why he will move to an Italian club because it’s even less his style of play.


2 thoughts on “Arshavin’s Juve Deal Unlikely

  1. would arsene pay 17 millions for a sleepwalker?
    jay-thomas can take his place as nasri’s understudy.
    he just doesn’t wanna let him go

  2. i hope andrey isnt sold he is a fantastic player when he wants to be, lets hope he wants to be real soon, he is so watchable when hes on fire.

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