Szczesny Appears to have Won the Number 1 Shirt

Arsene Wenger stated in his press conference that Wojciech Szczesny is Arsenal number 1.

“At the moment Wojciech is No 1,” said Wenger. “He’s done nothing for me to take him out.

“[As for Sunday], I can rotate the goalkeepers. In the Cups I sometimes play different ones. But Almunia has not played for a long, long time.

“I am happy that he’s here,” Wenger went on. “I don’t feel that any player is happy not to play. But he’s under contract and as long as he is at the Club we’re happy to have him. I like him as a man and as a player and I have shown that in my decisions.”

Szczesny has played 9 times this season, have 5 clean sheets, and let in 4 goals, while Fabianski has played 17 times, have 3 clean sheets and let in 16 goals.


5 thoughts on “Szczesny Appears to have Won the Number 1 Shirt

  1. but remember the way arsenal are playing these days even almunia will look good in goal coz the keeper does nothing.thats why i dont think its a good idea for almunia to be in goal against huddersfield with arsenal b team.
    still i am happy sczesny is our iker cassilla

  2. In most games we have most posession but then we let in silly goals (probs our keeper loses focus). so far seczsney has been class.

  3. If Szcsesny should play 9, concedes 4 and fabianski played 19 and concedes 16, it means we should stick to the later as no1.

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