Arsenal v Huddersfield- Match Preview

Arsenal’s lunch time fixture against Huddersfield looks a walk in the park on the paper, but we know that it could be a day to forget.

Huddersfield are 3rd in the Coca-Cola Npower League One, which means that Arsenal are 44 positions ahead of them in the English League Table. Huddersfield are ubeaten in 7 games and had to beat the power houses Cambridge, Macclesfield and Dover.

Arsene is expected to field a strong side while resting a few key figures. Cesc Fabregas is one that is likely going to be given a rest while Van Persie is another. Arsenal do have Manuel Almunia back from a 4 month drop by Wenger, I still don’t believe he could be injured for 4 months, Squillaci, Diaby and Rosicky. Expect those to play.

Predicted starting XI- Szczesny, Eboue, Koscielny, Squillaci, Gibbs, Denilson, Wilshere, Rosciky, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh

Predicted score 5-0 to Arsenal

I can’t see anything except a win here from Arsenal. They played magnificently against Leeds away and I expect them to continue their fine form. Hopefully Arshavin will score a hat- trick and rediscover his form that led to him being one of the best in the world, and Chamakh and Bendtner finding a goal for their confidence also. Expect a win.

Come on Arsenal!



6 thoughts on “Arsenal v Huddersfield- Match Preview

  1. Stop predicting we are going to win 5-0 as everytime you claim its an easy game and that we’ll put 5 or 6 goals past our opponents we end up struggling (Leeds & Ipswich!) and having to bring on our big guns just to help us score a goal and scrape thru the tie.

    Lets just hope we win and and dont struggle for 70 mins of the game like the previous games.

  2. To the realist above, i back up what you say, we say even when we put out our 2nd string team we still have virtually a strong 1st team, which is very true, but how many times have our 2nd string not played well and Fabgregas, Walcott & Van Persie have had to come on to save our blushes.

    As weve seen we need our our 1st team to put games to bed so we should stop getting our hopes up and expecting 5, 6 goalwins cos thats being slughtly arrogant

  3. Seems like the mug author of this post cant handle the truth and has taken off our comments!

    How pathetic! Whats a matter, dont want to listen to the truth???

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