Arsenal 11-12 Home Kit Leaked

Leaked pictures of the Arsenal 11-12 home kit has already started going around the internet, and here is one of them. I have no clue what their trying to do with this one so I’m hoping that this is a 125th anniversary kit.


7 thoughts on “Arsenal 11-12 Home Kit Leaked

  1. why wud they lIke to change ths season kit ?? it’s the best i’ve seen in recent years`the new one doesnt luk as gud as 10/11 kit

  2. Lame. It’s no different than the they have now (other than the collar being all red and the addition of the ridiculous looking branches on either side of the crest). Surely the 125th anniversary kit should be something truly special, not this half-baked nonsense. Hopefully it’s a fake.

  3. Awful stuff round the badge and basically same as this years shirt!!!! Nike have got a bit lazy in their designs. where are the lighting bolts? the shadowed lettering or gunners plastered along the bottom? if where gunna bring out two shirts a season they have to be interesting and cool and slightly different to last seasons shirt!!!! Sort it out Nike or get adidas or umbro back and have the pizza shirt or the green and blue back lol

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