Arsenal 2-1 Huddersfield- Player Ratings

Almunia 6.5- First game back in 4 months and you could tell he hasn’t played in a bit of time. Made a good one handed save that kept us in the game.

Eboue 6- Took the ball down the field really well so many times but their was no end product. Somewhat shaky in the defence.

Koscielny 6.5- Solid and did well with Song at the back.

Squillaci 2.5- Got a red card on his first came back and looked pretty bad.

Gibbs 6- He didn’t perform bad but he was far from the high standards that he has. Wasted a few good opportunities.

Denilson 4.5- Terrible game, again. Showed that he has none of Song’s strength and skill with  the ball. Got pushed off the ball way to many times and was wasteful with possession.

Diaby 5.5- First game back from injury and didn’t do enough with the ball.

Bendtner 7- Missed some good chances and did bad at times, but also did really well at times. Made the first goal with his shot that went in and gave us the penalty when he got fouled in the bos.

Nasri N/A- I’m not going to rate his 35 minutes but let’s hope he has a speedy recover.

Arshavin 7.5- Wasted the ball a couple of times but was far better than he has been in the past few weeks. He beat players, some of his flicks actually worked, and made a really good sliding challenge in the second half.

Chamakh 5.5- Didn’t really do anything in the the time he was on during the first half.

Song 6.5- Played well at the centre back role and made a few good interceptions.

Rosicky 6.5- Looked lively and showed good aggression.

Fabregas 7- Won us the game with the penalty.


5 thoughts on “Arsenal 2-1 Huddersfield- Player Ratings

  1. cesc is a key for us 2 win, chamakh is detorirating, arshavin is rather bit good squalaci and denilson should sell, cahil should be brought RvP should always be fit instead of chamakh!!!!

  2. Don’t know which game you were watching; but most of the attacks came from Gibb’s flank. Their winger gave him a torrid time today; even their only goal came as Gibbs failed to close down the player who made the cross.

  3. A relatively weak performance against a team 48 places lower than us in the Leagues but a win nonetheless and hopefully Nasri will recover more quickly than expected as he is one of four key players for us this season.
    Almunia did OK today and kept us in the game with that big save. Cesc is a world champion and so valuable to us…I only hope he stays. Rumour has it that he’s less keen on leaving for Barca before his contract is out in 2014 since Barca are so powerful that he’ll rarely get a game never mind a full run out, at least that is what his agent says.
    Wenger doesn’t have much choice to play Bendtner, Rosicky, Denilson,Diaby, Chamakh, Arshavin and Eboue in these games otherwise they’ll get rusty, demotivated and for those having a bad spell, they won’t improve.
    We have such a strong bench for Everton with these guys fit and ready and with Walcott,Djourou, Jack and Bendtner in form. It will be our first real EPL test since Wigan.

  4. I believe your ratings are far to high because there were some shocking performances out there. However, Squillachi 2.5 is spot on. Shall we now reopen the debate about why the turd of a manager thinks he has fantastic central defenders ? thereby refusing to spend on a quality defender this January. It is year after year decisions like these that make it impossible for Arsenal to ever win the premiership again. And don’t go on like those useless people from UNTOLD ARSENAL that all I want is to spend, spend, spend. Every club spends. And if Arsenal wants to buy a 17 year old for £10m they could easily add another £5m to get us a solid defender.

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