Arsenal are NOT out of the Title Race after Man Utd lose 2-1 to Wolves.

What a day! From one of the best Arsenal attacking display to one of the worst defensive displays to one of the worst Officiating in a match of all time to Utd losing after 29 games. What a bitter sweet day!

Arsenal started the game lively and scored after 40 seconds. Two minutes later, we scored again, and again, and again. 4-0 up at half time and any team in the world will come out winners at the end of the game, except for Arsenal. Diaby got a straight red after Barton, who should have seen a red, almost snapped his leg in half. Diaby lost his cool and got a red card. Newcastle were awarded a penalty on a foul which I didn’t see, and scored to make it 4-1. Twenty minutes later, 4-4.

I’m still shocked at how this could happen but all I have to say is: Barton should be banned from playing. He is the dirtiest twat to ever play the game. Dowd was the reason that Newcastle tied though. It was the worst officiating I’ve ever seen and he should get a ban or something. Wilshere also commented,

“Inconsistent refereeing needs to stop. It’s killing the game.

“If Diaby goes, what’s the difference between that and Nolan on our keeper!?? Joke.”

In the end of the day, we have actually gained ground on United following their 2-1 defeat to last place in the league Wolves. A bitter sweet day, more bitter than sweet though.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal are NOT out of the Title Race after Man Utd lose 2-1 to Wolves.

  1. In Spain Refs are given death threats, not that the threats are carried out though, but they will think twice before ruining a match especially for a top team.

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