Some Bad & Okay Stuff

A lot of stuff has happened over the past week, some good, some not so good. Arsenal tied Blackburn over the weekend, Utd came from 2-0 down to win, and Spuds got humiliated by Real Madrid.

Arsenal v Blackburn was a game where I expected us to win easily, mainly because we had scored 18 goals in 4 games at the Emirates against them. I was very wrong. Arsenal started the match brightly, but then ended up playing some poor football.

Everyone knows how the game finished and afterwards Wenger said a few things,

“Now we want to focus on our next game and show we are good enough,” he said.

“We have the players available for the whole week and what is important is we work on our basics and come back to what we are strong at.

“I don’t think the players did not want it against Blackburn, we were just one-paced and that is not our game. We had nothing in the tank to produce a change of pace. We looked very predictable and usually we are not.

“You get your belief through your attitude and, of course, we have been shocked by what has happened. That is why we have to put even more effort in.”

Martin Keown has also been talking,

“The fans have become disenchanted with certain areas of the team and they want players to be replaced.”But the club went with a five-year plan to invest in youth because of the constraints of building the Emirates Stadium.

“However, if the players don’t win the league this year, there will be more money ploughed in.

“And there’s nobody I’d sooner have spending money than Arsène Wenger because he spends wisely.

“He hasn’t really been able to compete because of the demands of the new stadium but that must be changing now.

“I know from experience that Wenger invests a certain amount of time in you as a player and once he feels you are at the end of the line he gets someone else in to do the job.”

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But you do have to wonder how long Wenger can use the stadium debt as an excuse. It has been five years and we’ve always made a profit every season, so surely we wouldn’t be in danger if we were to go on a minor spending spree this summer?

Wenger needs to sign some players this summer. In my opinion, we need a centre forward to partner/start with/without Van Persie. Some experienced 24-27 year old that can score 16+ goals a season.

A centre back is also something we need. Wenger doesn’t like to sign players that are going to take someone’s spot, but we need competition and better centre backs.

Tottenham got humiliated 4-0 by Real Madrid. Spuds will be saying that Crouch’s sending off was the turning point and they will blame it on that, but it was his fault that he got sent off in the first place. It puzzles me why announcers talk about how a team would have won or how the game wasn’t fair if their best player didn’t get sent off, but it is the players fault and he is letting down the team by getting sent off.

United beat Chelsea, and unfortunately, the winner of that tie will probably going to the final because Schalke is in poll position to advance.

Let’s hope Arsenal can get their act together and at least get 3 points against Blackpool.

Thanks for reading.



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