Goodbye Denilson + Enter to Win New Home Shirt

Denilson, one of Arsenal’s most inconsistent, lazy, and pretty much our worst player, says he want’s to leave because Arsenal keep throwing away silly points.

“This has been the worst season of my life, and I am so upset,” he said. “I am a winner and I came here to win trophies but I’ve been here for five years and won nothing. Until Arsenal stop throwing away silly points in stupid games nothing will change.”

“I’ve simply been to see Arsène Wenger and told him how I felt and he’s agreed to let me go,” he told the Sun. “A footballer’s career is over very quickly so it is time for me to move on. I made up my mind eight months ago. I was fed up of coming home and feeling down.”

“I need a fresh challenge. It’s great to play beautiful football but sometimes you have to play ugly if you want to succeed.”

“I can’t see myself returning in a Chelsea shirt, or Liverpool or Manchester City – and definitely not Tottenham,” he said. “I think my future will be in Italy or Spain.”

This whole interview makes me laugh. He is one of the reasons we have been poor this season. In many games, for example Braga and West Brom, he was our worst player on the pitch.

Against Braga, he lost us the game on his own. Being taken down very, very easily for the second goal shows how weak he is at defending.

Against West Brom, I can’t remember a good pass he made in the first half before being taken off at half time.

Denilson also says he can’t picture himself in a Chelsea, Liverpool, Utd shirt;etc. I doubt any team in the top eight would want to sign him, except for Tottenham, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Denilson + Enter to Win New Home Shirt

  1. Denilson is very right u need to play ugly if u really want to win and arsenal won’t win if they continue with Wenger. Arsenal has made him very poor coz no top flight side can win without experienced players on the pitch to guide them like Fab said when he had bad games the likes of vieira or gilberto would cover up 4 him but no one helps them out and instead of blaming Wenger u blame the players. Open ur eyes

  2. Ha fuckn Ha. Is this a joke?! He is a shit player that’s been overhyped by Wenger. He owes his career to the man he’s demeaming with these comments. Wenger missed big with this loser. Apparently not all Brazilian players are top class. In reality he should go because he is one of those not good enough players that makes entirely too much money.

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