Arsenal Player of the Season

Number 3: Samir Nasri- Nasri’s first half of the season was prolific, scoring vital goals against Fulham, and playing some great football. He scored a great goal against Tottenham in Tottenham’s 3-2 win over us, and seemed to be the only player that played well in most of our games.

Nasri wasn’t able to keep up his good first half of the season with only two goals against Birmingham and Tottenham in his second half of the season. He recently stated that a move to United is possible, which is a terrible thing to say. Could this have been his last season with us?

Number 2: Jack Wilshere- This was a hard decision, Jack has been tremendous all season long. In his first real season with us, he blossomed tremendously.

Wilshere scored his 2nd and 3rd goals for the club against Shaktar and Aston Villa, and also had nine assists this season.

Wilshere’s highlight of the season was the first leg game against Barcelona, in which he outshone Xavi and Iniesta. He completed 93.5% of his passes, and every time you saw Wilshere get the ball, he was just a delight to watch.

Number 1: Robin Van Persie- He and Jack Wilshere were both outstanding this season. He scored a record 9 consecutive away goals, and 22 goals overall.

Robin wins this award by being truly amazing this second half of the season. He seemed to be the one of the only players that cared to do well and he shined.


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