Cesc to Stay?, Sagna has no Intentions of Leaving

Cesc Fabregas has stated he is happy to stay with us, much to the delight of Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger.

“I am an Arsenal player. I have been very happy for eight years and I am very happy,” he said.

“There have been no decisions. It doesn’t always depend on the player and at the moment I don’t know anything.”

“You can never say never in this life as so many things happen that you can never predict.

“But I am very happy where I am. Anything else would be speculation that is untrue.”

Fabregas also stated that Wenger will decide his future.

“He is the boss, the one who makes the decisions – you should ask him,” Fabregas said.

“But I was injured at the end of the season and I haven’t seen him for about six weeks.””A player who is not frustrated at not winning titles is either lying to himself or lacks ambition,” he commented.

“But there is a good team and a good manager and one of the most faithful fanbases in Europe. With those I believe we can make progress and one day win an important trophy.”

It sounds like Fabregas would love to win a trophy with Arsenal before a move to Barcelona.

In other news, Sagna has stated he has no intention of leaving.

“I have a very good feeling playing with this team.

“I am convinced a lot of French players want to be in my position but it’s true I would have preferred to finish the season with a smile and a trophy.”Everything is possible, but I can say I’m now at Arsenal 99 per cent.”

Sagna also spoke about the possible transfer of Gervinho.

“I’ve heard about him, he’s a gifted player.”This season, he was a key player for Lille and really helped his team to be champions.

“He’s got a wonderful technique on a football field and I’m sure he would be welcome.”


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