New Away Kit Confirmed

Arsenal have revealed their new 125th anniversary away kit.

The shirt is divided into two halves, one side dark blue, the other one light. The diagonal line represents the gnomon (the pointer) which casts the shadow on a sundial – to commemorate the original Dial Square sundial on the site of the Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich, where the Club was founded in 1886.

The back is entirely navy blue, as well as the shorts and the socks of the new kit.

The new away kit is made from Nike’s ground-breaking recycled polyester, which this season for the first time includes both the shirt and shorts. Each complete kit is made up of up to 13 reclaimed plastic water bottles. The improved Nike Dri-Fit fabric, now 13 per cent lighter than previous kits, helps to quickly evaporate moisture, drawing it through the fabric to the surface to keep players dry.


9 thoughts on “New Away Kit Confirmed

  1. this a nice kit but thats not just the deal i hope arsenal FC will use this kit to win trophys this season

  2. Honestly, how do you think arsenal can win the league with out more english players? i dont see any french referee in the league

  3. nice and good but all dat is matters is dat winger should make a big sining so dat d lost victory wil be back on emirate,we are all tired of waiting.Gunners till i die.

  4. The gunners must not let us (fans) down next season, am sure! With this kit, they will appear invincible against any opponent. Up gunners!

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