Wenger sells to City Once again

Clichy has finally left the club after 8 years of service,

“I have had eight fantastic years at Arsenal and made many friends. I have so many great memories from my time at Highbury and Emirates Stadium. I would like to say thank you to everyone at Arsenal for all of their support and friendship. I also want to send a big thank you to all the Arsenal supporters, who have always been so good to me.”

Wenger also spoke,

“We would like to thank Gael for eight years of terrific service to Arsenal, during which time he gave absolutely everything for the Club. He has grown and developed so much since joining us in 2003, and has been a crucial part of the team over recent seasons. Gael leaves with our respect and best wishes. We wish him the very best for his future career.”

So what does this mean to Arsenal? Arsenal don’t have an experienced left back and another one of our rivals has another one of players.

Sure Clichy isn’t the best of players and not the best left back and it was maybe time for him to go, but not to a team that is going to be one of our main rivals next season.

Wenger is pretty much saying he is going to sell and continue his youth policy, but that is not going to work. Wenger has to realize that we have a good chance of finishing outside the top 4 next season, and our defence is the reason we keep failing to finish 1st.

Wenger refuses to make moves for defenders that are good enough to play in the top 10 of the league, he only signs Squillaci’s and Silvestre’s, something that needs to change straight away.


8 thoughts on “Wenger sells to City Once again

  1. It is very interesting that many of us fans and experts see the problems that our beloved manager does not see. Either he is brilliant and the rest of us are dumb, which the results do not support, or there are issues prohibiting us from strenghtening this great club, that we are not privy to.

  2. its really beats my imagination that a manager who is thinking about success is selling his experience players not to foreign clubs but to club which are his rivals. like one of co- fans wrote is either that we fans are dumbs and Arsene is not. but frankly i am afraid of what will happen when the season start.we are linked with all sort of players yet nothing concret is happening. what and who are we waiting for to start buying players?

  3. Kill! Dont kill!, all 4rm our mouths.clichy is bad,dont sell him to our rival. Can someone analise dis statement for me

  4. Why are we all getting are knickers in a twist,let city have clichy, he is a ok left back not a world class one!! Yes it’s true we have to really look at making some solid transfers to are defence and I think we will ( the summers not over yet!!!) good look clichy let’s hope ur not like all the other arsenal players before you and really regret leaving arsenal!!!

  5. We were all told the defence was our weakness for the last two seasons,well you cant make ommlettes without breaking eggs so if the defence needs improving some changes have to be made,to my mind Clichy was the weakest player in the starting/best back four so it seems reasonable to start there,his major weakness was his near post defending of crosses and this was a perticuler danger area for us, once agan Wenger has spotted the problem and started to rectify it, If our defence is not stronger next year, I will take a scalpel to my genitals
    So all you non-believers,start believing again.

  6. lets have faith in wenger gooners. this is only the first step of improving our defence i think it was a good idea to sell cliche but im not sure about selling him to city tho. i no for sure wenger will replace him with a better and more phisical player with more height. hang in there guys transfer window is still open for a while now. if we believe it will happen.

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