Song Going to Jail?,Scholes has a Crack at Arsenal, Time for Wenger to Leave Arsenal?

So Alex Song may be going to prison for two years after reportedly beating up a student at a bar in Cameroon, last month. The student’s layer said,

“My client was severely beaten. We have witnesses who are ready to speak out.

“My client is a student at Douala University and he never provoked the footballer at any time. We know justice will be done.”

The truth behind this article is unknown and could really be questioned of it’s authenticity due to the fact that this was reported to have happened last month. Alex Song has never looked the Joey Barton type to beat up somebody and go to jail, but who knows.

Paul Scholes has taken a crack at Arsenal,

“They just flatter to deceive,” he said.”They may play the prettiest football, but it doesn’t always produce the results they need. It doesn’t irritate me that people say they’re the best footballing team because while they are doing that, we (United) are winning games.

“They do play the best football to watch at times, but what is the point of that if you are not winning anything? Not only that, they are potentially going to lose their best players in (Cesc) Fabregas, (Samir) Nasri and (Gael) Clichy.

“I don’t think our manager would allow this club to go six years without a trophy.”

One point that Scholes says is “Clichy is one our best players”, which was true for one season and is no longer even with us anymore.

He also states that Ferguson would never allow this club to go six years without a trophy. Arsenal vs Man Utd used to be the crunch game of the league every season. United and Arsenal will battle it out and eventually one of them will become champions.

After the 04-05 season, Arsenal got rid of Patrick Viera, the last true Arsenal captain, and we started to collapse in a way where we would be losing games to Wigan, Middlesbrough, Bolton and teams of that calibre. Arsene Wenger than started his youth policy which is good, except for the fact that we have now lost every invincible player in our squad in a period of seven years.

Arsene Wenger has now lost his touch and has let this team down for the past six years. I am a huge fan of Arsene’s playing style and doing stuff the right way, and I don’t necessarily want him to leave the club, I want his mind of only signing young players and all old french defenders are great players out.

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9 thoughts on “Song Going to Jail?,Scholes has a Crack at Arsenal, Time for Wenger to Leave Arsenal?

  1. it is true what Scholes say , but then he should mind his business at United. Scholes can not manage a team.remember Keane is a failed manager dispite a good career at Trafford.
    Arsene should realize the need to bring those players who want to play forArsenal, and let go those who dont value the shirt like Fabregas. Osidha Willis -Kenya.

  2. Why is Scholes strung up about Arsenal? Wished he could play football like us huh? Well they can’t. They tried to ‘Play ‘ us at the Emirates and it became the Wilshire and Ramsey show – Ramsey scoring on his return. Big up the Gooners! Big up the away crowd.

  3. the story of alex song will soon be over,song is not goin to jail not now not for ever.scoles is trespersing too much,what’s his problem with arsenal.he should keep is mouth shut.asene wenger should buy a good player this season,because arsenal fans are demanding for trophy.the best will soon come out of arsenal.

  4. I wil apreciate if justice can take place. let song pack his load to jail becos that is where he belong for not behaving as a professional. That stupid old papa youngi

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