Xavi Makes Another Cesc Plea | Striker and Goalkeeper Leave | Eboue on his Way Out

With the transfer window closing in a little over a month, the proposed transfer of Cesc Fabregas has started to heat up again, with one player hoping the transfer happens more than anybody on the planet.

Xavi has once again made a statement about Fabregas’ proposed transfer,

“I hope the saga ends,” Xavi told German newspaper Suddeutschzeitung.

“Cesc is only 24 and his arrival would ensure the current cycle of Barca continues to work.

“I’m 31 and will retire in two, three or four years.

“I hope he comes.”

This comes just days after Xavi “apoligized” to Wenger after making comments about the Fabregas transfer on Barca’s official website.

“It seems absurd to me, ” Xavi said.

“I was only acting in the interest of Cesc and of Barca. But that’s that and I really don’t want to get into a war of words with Wenger.

“I didn’t want to offend anyone.”

“I don’t really know the situation but it seems they are more disposed to sell this year than last year.

“Maybe we can be a bit more optimistic but it depends on reaching an agreement with Arsenal.”

In other news, Jay Emmanuel Thomas has become a Tractor. He completed his move to Ipswich yesterday, saying ,

“Obviously it came to the stage in my career at Arsenal where I needed to be playing games,” he told Town’s official website.
“I had a decision to make and Ipswich seemed the right place for me.”

Good luck to JET in the future.

Another youngster, James Shea, left Arsenal on loan to Dagenham and Redbridge. The young English goalkeeper will be with the league 2 side for the entire 2011-2012 campaign.

Another player that looks to be leaving is Mr. Eboue Emmanuel. He has apparently agreed to join Galatasary for a deal worth around £4m. It will be sad him leave now, with his last Arsenal memory being booed after conceding the last minute penalty against Liverpool. Good luck Eboue.

What’s your favorite Eboue moment?


3 thoughts on “Xavi Makes Another Cesc Plea | Striker and Goalkeeper Leave | Eboue on his Way Out

  1. Eboue its better you leave becouse we (arsenal fans)don’t know were Arsene Wenger is heading to with this team,its a very big disappointment.other teams are buying and he is not buying but selling.WHY MR ARSENE WENGER? ARSENAL 4 LIFE.

  2. it has been long time,without any cup! wenger must focus on striking. failure to that it shall be ashem to arsenal fans as well as players & coach

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